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2020-2021 Transfer & Release Policy

The Registration "Transfer and Release Policy" is not currently available.


The new Outstanding Debt List (ODL)(see policy) will go live July 13, which will cause the delay in processing of submitted Transfers until September 1st. 

Due to the current health conditions, the transfer deadline for LOCAL ASSOCIATION MEMBERS is being extended to 12/1/2020. 

Due to the current health conditions, transfer deadline for Allied Members are being extended to 9/1/2020. 


A transfer is required for any player that was registered with another association in the previous season and registering with a different association in the current season. A Transfer and Release request must be completed via the online form located on the Vermont State Amateur Hockey Association (VSAHA) website.

Submission Deadline

Allied Members:  (A complete list of all allied members can be found in the VSAHA Annual Guide)

August 1st of current year. Transfers after this date are limited to two (2) per allied member, and a $300 fee for each request.

Local Associations:  (A complete list of all local associations can be found in the VSAHA Annual Guide)

November 1st of current year. Transfers after this date must be pre-approved by the VSAHA Executive Board. The transfer fee is $300 for each non-exempt transfer request after the deadline. (For this policy, Brattleboro Hockey Association is considered a “Local Association”).


1) The Transfer and Release request can be initiated by either the family wishing to transfer or the receiving association. However, it’s the responsibility of the receiving association to ensure the process has been started before registering any new player to their association. A player is not eligible to practice or play in games with the receiving association until approval by VSAHA has been granted.

2) The VSAHA 1st Vice President will check the Outstanding Debt List (ODL) for the players name. If the players name appears on the ODL, the transfer will be placed in pending status, and the requestor will be notified that the player is on the ODL and must work with their previous association to resolve. If the players name does not appear on the ODL, the transfer will be approved, and the player is eligible to participate (practices or games) with the receiving association once the official notice has been received from VSAHA.

3) VSAHA 1st Vice President will determine that the correct transfer reason was selected and update if necessary. The VSAHA Executive Board will review and make the final ruling. This review will take place during the Executive Board meeting which is held before each monthly board of directors meeting. For exempt transfers, no refund will be provided until after this review and ruling.

4) A transfer request summary will be provided monthly to the full VSAHA Board of Directors and will be posted on the VSAHA website.

Exempt Transfers

Exempt Transfer – In each of the situations below, a player may transfer provided they are not listed on the ODL. A $100 transfer fee will apply to this transfer. Once the transfer has been confirmed as an exempt transfer and the transfer process has been completed, a refund will be issued of the transfer fee.

1) A player changes residence to a geographic area that is covered by another Local Association. The change in residence must have occurred within the last twelve (12) months of the current season. An out of state player who moves to Vermont, may transfer into an Allied Member provided the move occurred within the last three (3) months from the current season.

2) The organization the player was registered with during the previous season becomes inoperative at the players age group, (8u & younger, 10u, 12u, 14u, etc.) but not by level, (Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV, etc.). Example: If a program had a Tier II team in a previous year but drops to Tier III in the current year, player is not eligible as an Exempt Transfer.

3) A player who transferred because their previous association becoming inoperative at the player’s age group, (8u & younger, 10u, 12u, 14u, etc.) but not by level, (Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV, etc.) may return the first year the previous association has a team at the player’s age group. Example: Program A does not have a Youth 12u team in 2018/2019. Player A transfers. Program A has a Youth 14u team in 2019/2020, Player A is 14u eligible in 2019/2020 and may transfer back to Program A in 2019/2020 as an exempt transfer. If Player A decides to wait until 2020/2021, player would then be considered non-exempt transfer.

4) A player who plays goalie one hundred percent (100%) of the time, who is transferring to a Local Association that does not have at least one (1) goalie for the team. The previous association of the player must have at least one (1) age appropriate goalie at that age and playing category per team.

5) A player who in the previous season was registered with an allied member and after taking part in tryouts for the current season, was denied participation, may return to the last local association they were registered with.

Non-Exempt Transfers

Local Association Transfer- A player may transfer to a Local Association provided their name is not on the ODL. A $100 transfer fee will apply to this transfer.

Allied Member Transfer - A player may transfer to an Allied Member association provided their name is not on the ODL. A $100 transfer fee will apply to this transfer.

Out-of-State-Players - A player living outside of Vermont may transfer into a VSAHA Local Association or Allied Member provided they are released in good standing from the president of the previous association. A $100 transfer fee will apply to this transfer. To be eligible for state tournament play, the transferred player must meet the residency requirements as outlined in Article IV 4.01 of the VSAHA By-Laws.

Transfer Limits

  • Local Association teams having more than two (2) Non-Exempt transferred players during the regular season shall be ineligible for state tournament play. No team shall have more than four (4) Non-Exempt transferred players.

  • No Allied Member tournament bound team shall have more than four (4) non-exempt out-of-state player transfers.

  • VSAHA approved combined teams are exempt from these transfer limit rules