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Coaching Education Program


As youth hockey players strive for better performance, a real challenge has been issued to youth hockey coaches throughout the United States.  Good quality coaching is the key component to both the development and enjoyment of the individual hockey players.

USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program (CEP) has accepted this challenge by developing and providing the best possible coaching education programs for the youth hockey coach.  The CEP realizes it is important that all youth hockey players participate in a positive, enjoyable, and safe environment.  These young athletes must be introduced to hockey and coached in a way that assists them in developing their skills, have fun while playing, compete in the spirit of fair play, and provide them with the maximum opportunity for participation.  This is vital to insuring that all youth hockey players develop a love of the game, which will promote active involvement throughout their lives.

Hockey has been in an environment of rapidly changing techniques, strategies, teaching methods and safety concerns.  Each year, thousands of new dedicated people begin coaching youth hockey.  Most have had little or no preparation for such an important role.  USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program provides these coaches with simple, up to date, age specific and user-friendly materials regarding all aspects of coaching.

Coaching Requirements

Age Specific Modules

Coaches must complete the appropriate modules offered through the USA Hockey site prior to getting on the ice and prior to being added to a roster.

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SafeSport Training

All coaches must complete the SafeSport training.

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