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Vermont State Amateur Hockey Association

The Vermont State Amateur Hockey Association (VSAHA)  is the governing body for USA Hockey in the State of Vermont. USA Hockey is the National governing Body (NBG) for the sport of ice hockey in the United States pursuant the Amateur Sports Act - 36 U.S.C. s 220501 et seq. USA Hockey has designated Vermont as having exclusive jurisdiction in the State of Vermont via Bylaw 3.B (affiliate agreement).  Vermont maintains an active affiliate Agreement in good standing with USA Hockey.

VSAHA was established in May of 1982.

Logo Usage

Member organizations are permitted to use the VSAHA logo in conjunction with their logo on apparel and team information to represent membership in VSAHA and Vermont Hockey.

Members are not permitted to use the logo with “Team Vermont” or “Select”, “All-Stars” or similar which denominate a team run by VSAHA.

Use of the logo is permitted on State Championship jackets provided the member association has requested its use.  

Requests for the logo and intended use of the logo must come directly from a member association, please include a brief description, mock-up of your intended use.  Requests can be sent to the VSAHA President or the Executive Board (see contacts).  The response will include relevant information such as use length of permission and any instructions for the supplier, etc